Recently, I came across a video posted on the Online Marketing Summit YouTube Video Channel where the three of the top marketing speakers being interviewed suggested the stagnant press release is a dead priority.  (OMS is great resource for those that work in marketing/pr).

You can check out the content of the interview above.

Now these folks are deep in the trenches, and I am well aware of the great strides these marketing artisans have manifested in their respective companies and projects.  Hubspot alone is one of my favorite marketing software companies that I feel lead the pack with manifesting a true conversation with the customer while simultaneously providing priceless educational content.  Great priming.

To whom you may wonder?  Well, most definitely to the media who consume new shiny objects the way Silicon Valley seems to riot Apple Stores for the newest iProducts.  To stay relevant, a simple reminder such as a PR will create a story that allows you to touch base with the media and target customers.  Most importantly, your potential customers will want to know that they are working with the best, forward-thinking company available to them.  Make that argument easily with a trail.

If I look at a web site and do not see a stream of updates (usually in the form of a press release) that announce updated versions of products, client wins, important internal executive additions, awards, recognitions, community involvement, and business partnerships;  I wonder if someone is doing something newer, better, brighter?  And when I say someone, I mean your competitors.  How am I suppose to know your Product Version 4.2 was launched last week, and it is the shiniest best new thing on the block if you don’t tell me so?

These simple one way conversations known as press releases are one of the few acceptable self-promoting message streams allowed to communicate concisely- our company is still rocking our respective industries!

By no means do these substitute the conversations had through social medias and other marketing strategies which is where the real shift is happening, however I am saying keep your PR log.

The next blog post will discuss but is a paid PR worth it?  See you then!